Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Aharon Rabinowitz

Okay. Not trying to sound like a newbie here in regards to technology and social media, but Twitter gave me an opportunity tonight to do something I've always wanted to do. I got to thank Aharon Rabinowitz for his teaching and inspiration throughout the years.

If you don't know who Aharon is, he is a graphics artist whose teachings I've been following for the past 7-8 years.

He tweeted tonight asking if anyone could name a tv series that got better after moving to another network. I replied with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and he replied back. That pretty much made my evening! I took the opportunity to reply again thanking him, letting him know that I now make a living using After Effects everyday. 

I've found my own way in my graphics work for some time now, but without even thinking about it I probably use a lot of methods Aharon has taught me as if they were my own.

His teaching method is usually not about making something flashy you put in your demo reel, but about techniques you could use every time you launched After Effects.

As a guitar player, I've had people ask me to how to play a song. They don't want to learn anything else, just a song. Aharon is about the "chords and theory" of motion graphics first, which I think is what makes him invaluable, especially for someone starting out. It's only when you have this foundation, you can tackle anything.

Thanks Aharon!

You can find Aharon at the following:

Executive Producer and co-writer on Plot Device

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